Macedonia’s Criminal Junta begins ‘Yes’ campaign for referendum


Macedonia’s virus has begin to spread propaganda for the upcoming fraudulent referendum:

Zaev has distributed fliers in Macedonian and albanian urging everyone to vote “Yes” on changing the country’s name.

DUI has stated they will make sure every shiptar in the country will vote yes, and they will fly them from across Europe so they can vote, all in an effort to change the name.

DPNE’s traitors are once again, not surprisingly, silent. Mickoski roughly two weeks ago stated he will vote ‘no’, even though he was warned by numerous political analysts in Skopje that Governor Baily needs “attendance” not votes to fix the result. As each day passes, DPNE is under pressure from their membership to publicly urge all Macedonians to boycott the referendum. DPNE has so far not done this.

Zoran Ebola Zaev plans on scheduling the referendum at the end of September.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    They got in power by force and will only be removed by force. The time of peaceful protests is over .

    • Legenda Patriot

      Absolutely criminal process from the start. Time to eradicate the virus!