Milenko: Greece wants debt removed to approve Macedonian name change


The Macedonian quislings in the SDS and DPNE are not an obstacle for the name change, instead the real issue are Greek demands towards Berlin, London and Paris – reports Milenko Nedelkovski on his blog.

Here is the situation: There are the traitors Zaeb, homo-Dimitrov and their CIA handlers on one side, and Tsipras and the same CIA handlers on the other side, who are allegedly stuck in the name negotiations. Then there are CIA contractors Borisov and Rama who assist as much as they can, while USAid through its player Soros are the main financiers of the media who are selling the name change. The Albanians are per their usual, cannon fodder and proxies for the CIA whose main job is to provoke and insult Macedonia and Macedonians – says Milenkovski.

According to the popular Macedonian journalist, and repeated here at MINA dozens of times, Macedonia does not have opposition, the DPNE is completely under control of the US Embassy.
“Why are the DPNE losers waiting for the end of May to supposedly stage protests? Who are they kidding?” Asks Nedelkovski, adding “Are these losers going to change the name and Constitution during a World Cup match?

Nedelkovski goes on to explain that Zaev’s career as a politician is over. However, in a recent interview the SDS leader stated he did not care for his career, instead, accidentally admitted that Zaev is mostly concerned for the career of his counterpart in Athens, Tzipras and his party Siriza.

“Zaev already has a place where he will retire in – Bern, Switzerland” says Nedelkovski, alluding to the fact the Albanian mafia purchased a large residential property in Bern and gifted it to Zaev for “his work”.

Greece owes countless billions to NATO members Germany, France and UK. Bizarrely, the Macedonian quislings are not a problem, they never were to begin with. There is only one side in the current negotiations, explains Nedelkovski.

Tzipras will have to betray his voters, the Greek opposition and interests and agree to name change, with which the Globalists will quickly take Macedonia in NATO, similarly to Montenegro.

Tzipras, smartly requested from Merkel, Macron and May to remove hundreds of billions of euros in Greek debt for Athens to agree Macedonia to enter NATO via a changed name – explains Nedelkovski.
Keep in mind, Tzipras was invited by Merkel just two weeks ago, perhaps to discuss the latest “request” by Athens. This is a nightmare for the globalists as they have Greece on a leash precisely because of their debt and can do to it whatever they want in the next decades as Athens will never be able to repay their massive credits.

For the globalists, Macedonia must be swallowed by NATO. For Greece, it’s all about strategy. The globalists’ plan is perfect, however as Milenko pointed out, the field players are too dumb to implement it. Athens demands 100s of Billions for it to agree to change Macedonia’s name. Everything is a game, though in this case quite a strategic game.
Meanwhile, the DPNE is ‘getting ready’ for protests… first announced in early May, now ‘postponed’ to late May…

In the end, Milenko adds, if you shake a hand with a Greek, count your fingers.

  • Billy

    I’ve said since last year, the negotiations have been between Greece and their creditors, Macedonia is not even involved in this.

  • Wolf

    HA. that is funny.
    As IF the Creditors will want to lose money. Greece must be kidding itself.
    Wishful Thinking.
    I cant remember the last time I laughed so much.