MP Milososki asks Johannes Hahn for help “Grandma will remove my head if I vote in Parliament”


VMRO MP Antonio Milososki has written to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn asking him for help.

After Hahn tweeted that it is absolutely not acceptable for some Macedonian MPs to be receiving threats over their vote in Parliament, MP Milososki used his opportunity to ask Hahn and the EU for immediate assistance.

Milososki has received death threats from his grand mother who told him he will find himself without a head if he votes in Parliament in support of the unconstitutional and treasonous agreement with Athens.

The VMRO MP with a great deal of sarcasm is asking Hahn to quickly provide him with the relevant EU institution where he can report his grand mother’s abusive conduct.

We all hope the EU quickly intervenes and dispatches Hahn to Macedonia, in particularly to Gevgelija where he is part owner of Casino Flamingo.

  • Maco

    MINA, I had to read this article a second time as I thought it was a joke. However it is not. It appears politicians in Macedonia do not need a brain or an education or both. There are several things I have taken away from this article. 1. This dumb ass politician states himself the assembly vote is unconstitutional. 2. The dumb ass politician is obviously toying with the idea of voting for the name change even though it is unconstitutional and against the dpmne position. 3. Is the dumb ass politician really serious that he is seeking the help of the EU for ptotection from his grandmother. Personally I think he should be more worried about the Macedonian people who he will betray if he votes for the name change. One final thing I would like to know is why the dpmne party are not boycotting the assembly which will vote for a name change that is unconstitutional. This makes me think that they themselves are in this idiotic agenda to delete the macedonian name, identity and history.

    • V.M.

      Maco, Antonio is known for mocking EU and “greek” politicians.
      Antonio with a straight face asked Bakoyannis if it’s ok with her for him to name his newborn son Alexander… obviously he was mocking her, and she didn’t like it at all.
      Here he is mocking Hahn over his stupid remarks asking the EU to help him with his grand mother, once again he is mocking them as everyone is against the Nazis and their “agreement”.

  • V.M.

    Forgot to say, Hahn has a huge stake in Macedonia’s Casino business via a company called Novomatik. The Casino licenses were issued to Novomatik by the SDSM (never by the DPNE). So it’s in Hahn’s best interest that the SDS hangs around. The SDS allows Hahn’s company to maintain monopoly in the Casino business in Macedonia by not issuing licenses to other companies.
    This is why the Austrian Nazi is always on the SDSM side… it’s all business.

  • ste kar

    The west will cause a civil war in Macedonia if they try to commit this rape of the Macedonian Name nationality and history against the will of the people. Its a sad day when we really on Russian to uphold Democracy but I think that day has come in Macedonia.

  • Golden shekels

    we are in a civil war right now, his grandmother has my vote while she is at it take baily zaevs and the rest of the traitorts heads of as well

  • Golden shekels

    we need a general strike to make it ungovernable for them before they make it unlivable for us

    • Maco

      I agree. Mass protest and mass peoples uprising. Then zaevs head in a noose. I want to see the fear in his eyes and hear him cry like a bitch before the noose is tightened.