Must have been Christmas: Katica Janeva extended cash gifts to friends


Katica Janeva, under the protection of Zoran Zaev, was part of a million racketeering scheme but also abused SPO’s budget to pay relatives and friends. Katica Janeva and her close relatives may be listed among the richest people in Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

Zaev’s octopus released its tentacles all over the country, but all the cash ended within the families in their inner circle. Janeva hired her cousin Vili Janev, who got promoted from a Gevgelija Court driver to her personal driver. For the change he received 30,000 euros. Janeva also put his daughter, Slobodanka Janeva on her payroll at 1,600 euros/month. Although living in the USA for an extended time, Slobodanka kept receiving salary from the SPO. 

Janeva from the SPO also allocated money to Vilma Petkova, a sister of her former colleague and president of the Gevgelija Court, Zlata Popova, and gave her 15,000 euros. The most famous example of Janeva’s nepotism is Gjorge Delidzakov, a nephew from her sister, to whom she gave 28,000 euros. Janeva also took care of Metodi Cilkov, the husband of the director of the Gevgelija Psychiatric Hospital, Ljuba Cilkova, who issued Katica Janeva’s sick leave and diagnosed her with ‘mental hendicap’ along the way. He received 26,000 euros from Janeva.

DPNE says that Dragica Avramceva, daughter of Keti Avramceva, director of the “Vlado Kantardziev” primary school, received 30,000 euros from the SPO, and Ilija Avramovski, an inspector at the Ministry of Interior Gevgelija got staggering 59,000 euros.

SPO money was also given to Natasa Olumceva, a daughter-in-law of former SDSM official Sase Olumcev, who received 15,000 euros. Because the list of relatives had apparently been exhausted, she had to pay Gjorge Tulupov, a friend of her son, Lazar Janev, who had taken 24,000 euros. These are typical abuses of office and citizens’ money. Not only did she rob businessmen, she robbed citizens and paid relatives and friends with their money – says DPNE in their statement.