Negotiator Naumovski warns: Nimetz’s proposals are a disaster for Macedonia


No state, nor the United Nations, has the right to impose a change of name on another country, nor deny the existence of the Macedonian language and people, said Naumovski in a statement for Sitel TV. Optimism to resolve the decade’s dispute is useful, but to be optimistic, there should be a real basis, adds the negotiator from the Macedonian side.

Immediately after Naumovski’s statement, Zaev’s led Government were “appalled” by his statement and insisted Naumovski does not represent the Government, instead his views were simply his personal views.
As irony would have it in this banana land, Vasko Naumovski does represent the Macedonian Government in the negotiations with Greece.

Matters get further complicated, just a week ago, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov pointed out in the debut of Zaev owned TV21 Click Plus program that he had great confidence in the negotiator Naumovski.

“I have not seen a signal so far that the incumbent ambassador Naumovski comes out of that position as a special envoy and I want to respect that,” said Dimitrov.

The Macedonian International Human Rights Movement in Toronto has been seeking the withdrawal of mediator Nimetz for 6 months, stating that in an unofficial meeting he declared: “If I was Macedonian, I would not have negotiated my name.”

Meanwhile, Greece’s Tzipras took things to a whole new level in an interview with Greek media this weekend, claiming Macedonians and the country were fake.

At the moment Macedonia has one Vasko Naumovski, but it needs 2 million.

  • hankz

    Fyrom is a fake country!!! Fyrom are Bulgarians and they speak Bulgarian!!! Ancient Macedonians are Greeks, they spoke Greek and have always claimed to be Greeks!!! The only name Fyrom should use is one of their old names which are the “Republic of Vardaska” or “Republic of South Serbia!!