Norway Airport Parking Garage Fire Destroys Hundreds Of Cars, Grounds Flights


Norway’s airport suffered a major fire yesterday at a parking garage on the premises. The fire resulted in air traffic being grounded and an evacuation of the facilities.

Scattered unconfirmed social media reports have pinned the blame on an electric vehicle catching fire, though many details have been unconfirmed.

The official statement from authorities is that the cause of the fire is “unknown” despite being notified first that an electric vehicle was on fire, according to Bloomberg

The fire spread to several floors of the parking garage and was contained by 9:30pm local time. There were no reports of injuries, but there was risk the building could collapse as firefighters fought the flames into the evening. 

Hundreds of cars were destroyed as a result. The garage in question has a capacity for 3,000 cars and was “nearly full” when the fire started. 
All flights from the airport had to be cancelled for the rest of the day as a result, even causing Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg to change her travel plans.