One Eva dies, can’t afford medications, Zaev’s Eva travels the world with stolen money

Што му должи Заев на Филипче? Сите скандали на министерот поминаа без одговорност

Two ladies named Eva, two wildly different story, one with tragic end. The Macedonian Health Ministry has no funds to help any Macedonian citizen to get help either home or abroad. Such was the case with Eva who needed a surgery in Germany. The funds ($75k) were never gathered, Eva died. But the Government was able to quickly gather 1.5m euros from their budget to give Soros backed media in the country to brainwash the public to vote for name change…

Just this past weekend a two year old kid in Prilep died 24 hrs after being admitted to a hospital.. dozens more have died at the hands of incompetent clinics, management and doctors. The Health Minister Venko Filipce’s primary concern is to hand out multi-million euro contracts to phantom organizations without getting caught.

Meanwhile, Zaev’s daughter, also named Eva has filled her Instagram with photos from dozen countries where she is vacationing at elite resorts across Europe and Asia. She appears to be on a perpetual vacation, hopping from one country to the next. Her vacations, considering the locations, elite resorts, flights …. according to our estimates cost at least $60,000.

Eva’s last stop is now Bali, Indonesia all of it funded with stolen taxpayers money. Zaev’s daughter could have easily skipped one of her vacations to assist in funding Eva’s operation in Germany.

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