Over 1.5m Macedonians use the internet, 1m with FB accounts


There are 1,503,000 Internet users in Macedonia, i.e. 72.2 percent of the population, while one million have Facebook accounts, show Internet World Stats data.

In regional terms, Slovenians have most Internet users (75.5% of the population), followed by Croatia (74.4%). Macedonia is ahead of Montenegro (69.9%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (69.3%), Greece (69.1%), Serbia (67.1%), Albania (66.4%) and Bulgaria (59.8%).

In Europe, 659,6 million people use the Internet, while Facebook has 343,2 million users. Almost 100 percent of the population in Iceland and Norway uses the Internet, while Ukraine is at the bottom (52.5%).

Internet World Stats says there are 3,88 billion Internet users across the globe, i.e. 51.7 percent of the world’s population, while 1,7 billion have Facebook accounts.