People who shot Janushev close friends with Zaev’s brother


A 28 year old footballer Martin Janushev was shot and killed by two assailants earlier this evening while he was sitting in a Skopje coffee shop.

The murder appears to be over “territory marking” and is mafia related.
Skopje media reports that Janushev and his brother who was recently promoted as a supervising policemen in the Alfa units were both engaged in a racketeering business.

However, there is fervent speculation on social media that the mafia style murder is tied to “territory” controlled by Vice Zaev and his Strunmica based “security company” which in fact is a racketeering business.

With the installation of Zaev’s Government, Vice Zaev’s “security” firm began vandalizing Skopje businesses who refuse to pay “protection fees” to his firm.

Janushev and his brother policemen appear to have had similar racketeering “business” in the capital and evidently crossed paths with representatives of Vice’s firm which social media users claim led to the murder of Martin Janushev.

Thus far, police has not released any information, and no one expects them to do so. It’s clear this is an internal battle between criminals with ties to the police and Government.

SDS run media has already ran warning articles that criminals within the SDS ranks are taking each other out in their efforts of who is going to get richer, quicker.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I’d like to see an idiot who is willing to invest in Skopje now… or ever!