Petrov drops petition for a second Referendum


WMC’s president Todor Petrov has allegedly given up on the idea to gather 150,000 votes for a second referendum. This, after Petrov was blasted on all possible fronts for his treasonous activities and attempts to negate the results of the Referendum on October 30th, 2018 where majority of the Macedonian population rejected changing the name in order to become ‘eligible’ down the road for entering NATO or EU.

We’re a bit surprised that Petrov’s handlers would allow something like this and are a bit skeptical of the information, particularly since the source is Plus-Info, an SDS run platform. Although, on the other hand they would know since the 2nd referendum idea came from the US and their local players, the SDS.

Stay tuned…

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Meanwhile 11 SDS portals got 700,000 euros from SDS Government…

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    Stupid kompir!