Professor Apasiev interview for Zaev owned TV


Pay attention to Zaev’s TV host who openly lies that the “agreement” is approved by Lavrov… even though the Russian FM explicitly stated the agreement is forced by London and Washington and does not sit well with the majority of the population.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Continuing lies trying to smear the bullshit and insult everyone’s intelligence! Total arsewipe!

  • LXV

    “Professor” Apasiev is a political whore, and a dissatisfied one at that. Previously an avid “colorful sell-out” himself, Apasiev is now simply getting a revenge after being left out of the Quisling government by his “revolutionary” comrade Vidkun Crpko. In the absence of a real political opposition in Macedonia, the “professor” is now aiming at cheap political points.

    It’s worthy mentioning that “Levica” is a project sponsored and founded by German intelligence (BND), just like Die Linke is in Germany (watch Vasko Eftov’s interview with Zdravko Savevski and the incriminating facts presented therein). Note that the Macedonian subsidy was created in 2016, in the midst of the hybrid war and accompanying political crisis. Once Levica’s supporters were used in taking down the government, they ended up thrown in the bin like the condom that they are, a recurring theme for all previous and future American vassals.

    (On a side note, I’m bemused by yesterday’s “colorful sell-outs” suddenly transforming in droves into hard-core patriots. Milchin, Vankovska, Darko Mitrevski, Kjulavkova, now Apasiev…

    We don’t forget, no matter how hard you try to whitewash your participation in the ongoing foreign-sponsored destruction of Macedonian state and identity!)