Russian soldiers complain: Kiev is not picking up their dead soldiers


Russia is conducting a mini-offensive across the entire frontline. Dozens of Ukrainian positions have been overrun with countless dead, or to be exact, according to the Russian military, over the past two months, Ukraine is losing on average 1,800-2,200 soldiers per day.

The Russians are seeing extreme cases of elderly men getting killed on the front lines, but also very young men and women, practically children – result of Zelensky’s mobilization. Ironically, the Russians even provide priests to say few final words for the fallen Ukrainian soldiers.

“Although there are Ukrainian soldiers who are highly trained and good fighters, for the most part what we’re looking at here are soldiers who have little to no training and are simply kidnapped from the street, given a gun and brought to the frontlines where they won’t live past 4-6 hours” says one Russian soldier for TASS.

Russia has made significant gains in all directions, starting with Stepova, Novoselivka, Pisanie, Stelmakhivka and Terny, on the Kupyansk front, and Kramatorsk and Konstantinivka with Chasiv Yar being completely surrounded.

Meanwhile, below is another video of Russians taking Ukrainian positions…showing their dismay that “they keep coming and getting killed like rats”, looks like there is also a Polish soldier among the group, or as the western press will likely call him “A Polish cook/medic”.