SDS Schizos force people to like Government’s new northern logo


The lack of “likes” on social media prompted SDS schizos in Skopje to issue an order across their membership to go on social media and ‘like’ the new northern logo.
This was a way for the SDS to show how much “support” they’ve been getting from the people.

Meanwhile, the Government has had difficulties changing the name on Facebook.

  • neutrinoz

    sds is no more kinder garden of lost mamma’s and papa’s lil narcists. it’s diagnose*.

    (*Tribto Mirka)

  • Smith And Wessen

    Ive been chaning the name on wikipediw bqck to republic of Macedonia zaev can get fucked

    • Belinda Dellios

      Good on you brother mate!

    • Legenda Patriot

      Well done! Zajko can fuck off! Stupid fucking donkey!