SDSM mayor: It’s shocking Zaev appointed Buckovski as representative with Bulgaria


Macedonia made a mistake appointing Vlado Buckovski as special representative in the dispute with Bulgaria, the mayor of Kumanovo and member of the Central Board of SDSM, Maksim Dimitrievski said in an interview with TV Sitel on Sunday.

Dimitrievski pointed out that while appointing Buckovski, the government did not take into account his previously publicly expressed views.

The government made a big mistake with the election of Vlado Buckovski, they should have watched his interview with TV “Europe” with the respected journalist Gjorgji Koritarov. There he speaks very clearly and unequivocally about some moments that are not part of the generally accepted history based on facts that are grounded in our country and I think that he will not contribute to the development of the imposed problems, said Dimitrievski.

He says that in this way self-negation is done and the Government had to take into account Buckovski’s view before his appointment.

At the moment, something that is an undeniable fact is being discussed, said Dimitrievski.

He explains that there is no room for negotiations about the identity, nor about Goce Delcev who was born, lived and fought for Macedonia.

What Dimitrievski failed to mention is the fact Buckovski himself (just like Zaev) is a convicted criminal and takes in salary from Bulgaria’s State University in Sofia despite the fact he doesn’t teach there.