SDSM mental diarrhea on Al Jazeera TV


Watch a Northern SDS official Bojan Maricik explain the referendum turnout on Al Jazeera TV. And yes, this is hard to watch.

The Al Jazeera host keeps mocking the turnout, tries very hard to explain to the Northerner that the referendum failed, telling Maricik not to manipulate with basic facts.

Our favorite part of the exchange is when the host tells the Northerner – “so little Macedonians cared to vote in the referendum, here are the numbers, it’s 36%, and not all 36% actually voted ‘yes’ it’s lower than that, you know you need 50% right?” – and the response from the Northerner is the usual verbal ebola that comes out of every SDS official: “well yes, but the people who boycotted, they knew if they vote they will lose” after which the host interrupts him with – well, the people who boycotted that’s their way of saying NO.

Watch the way the host looks at the camera as the SDSM official explains, as if to ask “is he seriously saying this”.
By the way, the genius in the video is Zaev’s chief advisor.

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  • Maco

    The guy is nothing but a dumb c.nt.

    • Wolf


      • Tony

        Me 3

  • Wolf

    Hey Hollywood check it out, this guy is Dumb. Zaev is even Dumber. MACEDONIAN VERSION . 🤣 I think im gonna cry. I dont know why.

    • Maco

      Hi Wolf. Always happy to talk to and read a patriots comments. Keep up the good work

  • vistina

    Who votes for these SDS clowns? Have they ever been on the internet to explain how they can justify supporting these traitors?

    Since what year did all SDS official decide they are in favor of changing the name of Macedonia?

    The SEC electoral commission made it clear the referendum failed and is not valid. The electoral laws are clear about the requirement of a minimum of 50% + 1 turnout yet all these SDS national traitors turn up on television and talk shi* and make a fool of themselves. What is driving them to be so desperate to defend a failed referendum? Have they been offered big bribes and are now in a panic because their dirty deeds have failed and they will miss out on their huge bribe money? These people don’t care about Macedonia and Macedonians. Take note of all their names and never support them in the future and any businesses they own.

  • V.M.

    SDSM are like the Democrats in the US where mental retardation is encouraged among all of their officials. She is like “but 30% is less than 70” and the retard “maybe, maybe, but out of those 30% many are “yes” votes. … and she says – yes, but what part of 30% being less than 70% don’t you understand

  • Billy

    This idiot actually was ‘involved’ in name negotiations… hails from a very poor family, both his parents were out of a job for 15 years after the companies went defunct… Bojan Maricikj was a paid Soros activist for three years, but got decent money from Athens after the Prespa bullshit was signed… he is building a 5 story residential building in an elite Skopje neighborhood.

  • Golden shekels

    its time to rise up my brother and take our mother land back