SDSM officials in Debarca publicly call for opposition to traitor Zaev, will boycott


Slowly, but surely SDSM officials begin to oppose Zaev. The entirety of SDSM’s officials in Debarca publicly stated that the country’s interests are above those served by officials representing foreign agendas, and called on the entire country to boycott the illegal referendum regardless of party colors.

Meanwhile, over 20 VMRO-DPMNE MPs have publicly stated they will not just boycott the Referendum but will not support any initiative in Parliament tied to the name change.

  • Maco

    Hope this is the start of the end of psycho Zaev. He really needs to be swinging off a tree with a rope necklace around his neck for his treason and treachery. It should have been done a long time ago – it is finally time for the Macedonian people to put the rope necklace around his neck and send him back to his father, the devil.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Beautifully said! Would love to see that! Can’t happen soon enough!

  • V.M.

    No kidding here, but I thought the people in Debarca were not bribed enough lol … this is very very rare for SDSM officials

  • Jole

    Wow, Macedonians finally growing balls or they just found them in their back pocket’s, the back pockets hold less $$$$ than the front. When they hang Zaiko KooKoo Raiko I would be double satisfied if that American weasel bailey is hung back to back with Zaiko on the same pole.

  • Car Samoil Ohrid πŸ‡²πŸ‡°

    Ziveam vo Australia od 1969, pokolenie Samo cist Makedonec
    Od Slavna Debrca, da zivee nasata sjajna Makedonija, a tie izdajnici I pekolot nematode da mu e dista