SDSM structures in DBK and Police behind storming of Parliament on April 27th


A person with direct knowledge of the April 27th storming of Parliament has stated the entire chaos was planned, initiated and executed by SDSM (interim) structures within Macedonian’s Intel Agency DBK and the Police.

An anonymous FB profile was created in the past few days, calling itself Zlata Meglenska who gave detailed information of the SDSM structures involved in storming of Parliament whose goal was to create chaos and accelerate the illegitimate appointment of Xhaferi for Parliament Speaker quickly followed by the appointment of Zaev as head of Government.

Security cameras inside Parliament captured dozens of SDSM operatives working both in DBK and Police, among which are Goran Trajanovski, who was illegally promoted by Spasovski several levels above his qualifications. Trajanovski is now Deputy Minister for Technology within MoI. He was captured on camera with Kiril Mitich, MoI director for organized crime. Jovce Remenski, current deputy head of the DBK was also present. Risto Ajtov president of ARM’s Syndicate is seen near Trajanovski and Mitich issuing orders. Daniel Samandov, former member of elite army unit the “Wolves” is also seen nearby. Samandov now works with the Alfa police unit and whose job on April 27th was once the chaos is created to help in the protection of Zaev. Accompanying Sandov, the Parliament cameras captured Zoran Tripunovski – Zhaba who was kicked out of the police force for attempted murder. Tripunovski coordinated SDSM’s activities inside Parliament.¬†

All of the above mentioned individuals communicated and met with each other both in and outside of Parliament during the SDS initiated chaos on April 27th. All of this is captured on camera and the video material is in possession of the Public Prosecution Office.

After April 27th numerous police operatives offered ‘information’ in order to advance their careers within their departments. Their names as well as those of foreign operatives inside Parliament will become known at the appropriate time¬†– says in its FB profile Zlata Meglenska.