Speculations swirl, Parliament won’t vote tomorrow on name change?


PM Baily doesn’t have 2/3 majority in Parliament.

The last and the most desperate attempts to bribe MPs have ended as of this evening, with the last incident recorded in Vevcani where a former VMRO official and businessman was trying to bribe MPs with 2.5m euros in cash – reported journalist Milenko Nedelkovski. The same businessman was visiting MPs in their homes.

2 VMRO MPs have agreed to the cash offers, however at least 2 others within the SDS have stated they would not vote, thus nullifying the traitors within the DPNE. In addition, at least 2 others MPs within the SDS coalition who have kept it quiet all this time will also not vote, one of them is DOM’s Liljana Popovska who also did not vote for the language laws.

We’ve already reported that Gruevski’s cousin and ex DBK head Sasho Mijalkov is heavily involved in attempts to bribe VMRO MPs. This is the deal Mijalkov made with the SPO (they dropped all charges against him last week). In addition, DPNE VP and Kavadarci mayor Mitko Jancev is Zaev’s personal message boy who is delivering the cash and is convincing MPs of the beautiful life they would have if they just sellout their country.

Now speculations have swirled that the scheduled vote will not take place tomorrow, because Zaev simply doesn’t have the votes and is requesting more time from the Plantation owner in Washington to break the spirit of MPs. The SPO is heavily engaged in this as well.

Last night, at midnight, Macedonia’s budget was ‘rebalanced’, in it, no money were allocated for early elections.