Taravari to quit from Health Minister spot after rejection from Zaev


Health Minister Arben Taravari who came to the position as part of the Zijadin Sela’s “Alliance for Albanians” coalition with the SDS is now rumored to quit the post after the ongoing healthcare fiasco in the country in which 16 young people including 10 infants have lost their lives.

MINA finds Taravari has requested from Zaev that he removes the Gynecology clinic director Viktorija Jovanovska, due to her astounding incompetence to manage the clinic. He also requested clinic director in Ohrid be fired as well, where three deaths in four days were registered.

However, MINA finds Zaev would have none of it and told Taravari his people would remain. Jovanovska, the newly appointed Gynecology clinic director in Skopje is Zaev’s wife best friend.
Taravari argued with Zaev telling him that his name has been badly tarnished due to incompetent directors appointed by the SDS leader.

We have spoken to doctors who know Taravari, and claim that he enjoyed a successful career as a doctor, however could never do well in a role as a minister of health, for precisely the reasons listed above. During the multiple deaths of infants in the country, Taravari distanced himself to such lengths, that he was actually out of the country for extended periods. During this time, Zaev had already replaced all directors at State hospitals and appointed personal friends to the posts.

Taravari will now seek to become the mayor of Gostivar, where DUI’s Nevzat Bejta is a strong contender.