Todorov’s shooter detained for 30 days for attempted murder


Skopje police have charged a 60-year-old man with attempted murder after being arrested for firing two shots at former health minister Nikola Todorov.

The attack took place on Thursday on the steps outside the ministry building prior to a handover ceremony, where Todorov’s successor was supposed to assume ministerial duties.

The assailant was tackled by private security guards of the ministry, who reported him to the police. It’s the law to have police presence at each Governmental building, except this wasn’t the case yesterday.

As investigation into the attack is under way, Todorov’s father told police that the man, whose initials have been revealed as Lj. S., had arrived to his home address asking to see the former minister twice sometime between 08:15h and 08:45h. He was accompanied by two men, which are believed to be SDS activists from Veles who drove Ljupco Stojanovski to Skopje.

When questioned by police, the suspect Lj.S. exercised his right to remain silent.