VMRO sellouts expel traitors Mijalkov, Jancev, Bogdanov and Nikola Todorov


Macedonia’s white helmets or the “too little too late” political party decided to expel its mega traitors:

  1. Sasho Mijalkov – mega traitor, the man who sold out his father’s legacy, sold out his cousin (Gruevski) when as the head of DBK wiretapped every single VMRO official and then shared the data with CIA and MI6. If this isn’t the highest treason, US Ambassador Jess Baily through Sasho Mijalkov first blackmailed MPs & distributed (bribed) MPs with over $15m in cash to ‘persuade’ them to vote “for” name change in Parliament.
  2. Nikola Todorov – gave SDS the names and phone numbers of 400,000 VMRO members. Urged Macedonians to vote in referendum.
  3. Kostadin Bogdanov – one of Baily’s man and SDS implant embedded into VMRO’s executive committee.
  4. Mitko Jancev – SDS implant, foolishly promoted by Gruevski as VMRO-DPMNE VP. Urged Macedonians to vote “For” name change in referendum. Told Deutche Welle he wished he was an MP so he could vote for name change in Parliament. During local elections Jancev ‘was allowed’ to win the mayorship of Kavadarci, while the SDS took every other city.
  5. They forgot Zaev’s bodyguard, Gjorchev who protected the SDS leader in Parliament. His second hobby is working for the State Department.

These traitors were expelled this evening by a decision of the Executive Committee (the lesser traitors) of the party. Also, a decision was made to give Mickoski full confidence as the head of the party.

The party knew of these traitors for at least a year and in Mijalkov’s case for five years. Not sure what the DPNE is trying to achieve, the damage has already been done. It could be just an overly desperate attempt realizing they are done as a political party.