While screaming “Russia”, USA & UK pushing Ukraine to attack Donbass


Tensions around Ukraine are on the rise as NATO puts its troops on standby amid Western media claims about Russia’s alleged military buildup near its borders and preparations for “an invasion”. Moscow denies the allegations, pointing to its sovereign right to deploy forces within its own territory and NATO’s ongoing eastward expansion. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that a huge buildup of Ukrainian forces on the Donbass line of contact indicates Kiev is preparing for an attack.

He said that in this case, Moscow would like to see NATO countries urge Kiev not to even think about the possibility of a military settlement in Ukraine. According to Peskov, the delivery of each unit of weapons to Ukraine inspires Kiev to start military operations in Donbass.

Dmitry Peskov also pointed out that well orchestrated information hysteria in the West, not Russia, should be blamed for the increased tensions around Ukraine.

He was echoed by Denis Pushilin, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in Eastern Ukraine, who said earlier on Monday, that Kiev is moving artillery and tanks to the Donbass line of contact.

Pushilin added that the Donetsk self-proclaimed republic “is on high alert because anything can be expected from Kiev”.

What’s more telling is the fact that both the USA, UK and Canada removed their diplomats from Kiev. Washington and London are fully aware their facilities will become targets as virtually everyone in Ukraine and Russia is aware that the US and UK are working together to start a conflict. In addition, US, British and Canadian soldiers are already on the “front-lines” assisting Ukraine’s army. For instance, why didn’t Spain, Denmark or Hungary remove their diplomats from Kiev?

NATO Troops on Standby

He spoke as NATO announced that it is putting its forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to the sites of the alliance’s deployment in Eastern Europe, a move that NATO said was caused by Russia’s purportedly continuing “military build-up in and around Ukraine”. The deployment unfolds amid accusations by Western officials and media outlets that Russia is amassing troops on the border with Ukraine, ostensibly in preparation for an “invasion”. Russia rejects the allegations, stressing that it can move the nation’s troops on its own territory at its discretion, especially in the midst of NATO’s continuing eastward expansion. Moscow also accuses the West of artificially ratcheting up tensions and possibly egging on Kiev to try to resolve the conflict in the eastern Donbass region by force.