Who are Macedonia’s Quislings in the Constitutional Court?


    Many of our readers have been wondering who the Constitutional Court judges are? Who are the people who refuse to rule on the legitimacy of the SPO for over a year, refuse to review the Coup case, ignore multiple lawsuits against Xhaferi…

    On paper, these are the people who are tasked to protect the constitution and Macedonia as a country from a fascist backed coup:

    Nikola Ivanovski
    Natasha Gaber Damjanovska
    Ismail Darlishta
    Elena Gosheva
    Jovan Josifovski
    Vangelina Markudova
    Sali Murati
    Gzime Starova
    Vladimir Stojanovski

    But in the real world, the judges above are using Macedonia’s institutions to back and support a foreign sponsored coup in the country.

    When things go south, and judging from what we’ve seen around the country, they will, there ought to be some sort of priority how justice is served.

    • LXV

      Amen to that!