Wikileaks: Zaev met twice with US State Department, promised name change by end of year


Illegitimate Macedonian Government led by Zoran Zaev is said to have had two recent meetings with the US State Department “Delta Team” which specialize in coup, subversion and who are in fact responsible for installing Zaev in power.

According to the document obtained by the US State Department and made available on twitter, Zaev has already agreed to the Greek proposal for a new name scheduled to take place by year’s end, and asked the Americans for assistance during the local elections. It was important that the US State Department to assist Zaev and ensure the SDS election loss is not as large as anticipated.

The State Department is aware Zaev has little if any following among the Macedonians, and is aimed at getting the votes from the Albanians who trust Zaev.

According to Zaev, the Albanians do not have high voter awareness, which translates to they are not very intelligent. They (Albanians) believe just about anything, and he is not obliged to fulfill anything that was promised after the elections.


  • Zhivko

    Macedonians time to unite and put this American. British lead junta to an end.

    Start at ballat box threw voting…

    The west has spelled out the goal to end the igsistance of the Macedonian Nation.

    All agreement’s made by this junta foreign installed government is nule and void..

    We Macedonian’s hold these criminal foreign governments responsible for the murder criminal acts against our Macedonia.

    The world court should trial these criminal’s and hold their Nations responsible for their criminal terrorist act’s.

    Our hearts and thoughts are with you