Zaev and Dimitrov erased adjective “Macedonian” at the UN?


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led Nikola Dimitrov, announced late yesterday that the country has sent three diplomatic notes with which the UN mission and the Macedonian Foreign Ministry inform the UN members and all international organizations and institutions for the practical application of the new name and diplomatic consequences arising from the illegal Prespa Agreement.

With those notes, Macedonia’s illegitimate Government junta has informed the whole world that they should not use Macedonia’s constitutional name.

The well-informed Boycott movement has stated that Dimitrov, the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has refused to publish the three notes because apart from erasing Macedonia, it has also erased the adjective “Macedonian”.

Ivanov asked to act

Prof. Dr Igor Janev has urged Ivanov to fulfill his presidential duty and send a counter letter to the UN informing the world body that Macedonia’s name has been changed in illegal and unconstitutional fashion, thus the note from Dimitrov is null and void.

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