Zaev welcomes Austrian leader with Latvian flag, calls him Australian


Six months ago, the SDS leader was stunned to learn Slovenia and Slovakia are two different countries, welcomed the Slovenian PM asking him about life in Slovakia.

Today, Zaev welcomed the Austrian Prime Minister with a Latvian flag.

In his welcoming message, Zaev was quite happy to have welcomed the Australian

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At this point, Macedonia needs to protect this stupidity, this gmo product that is Zoran Zaev. This needs to be trademarked.
And you wonder why the Yanks recruited Zaev, both think Austria and Australia are the same country.

SDSM Media welcomes American chancellor Angela Merkel… Velinovska was right, the SDSM is a Virus.

Taze vesti!!!!!! Lapsus day!!!!Amerikanskata kancelarka Merkel ??????

Posted by Ana Gichevska on Friday, September 7, 2018

  • V.M.

    I just don’t quite understand how can one be so dumb… if he was born and raised in the US, yes I can see it… but in Macedonia and this retarded…. this guy needs be institutionalized… and don’t give him scissors..

  • JadedAnonymousDevopsAdvocate

    That’s not the Australian Prime Minister 😂😂