Zaev sublets his brain, asks Borisov to make Ilinden a joint holiday


We support united Macedonia and its membership in the NATO and the EU, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said after Tuesday’s meeting with Macedonia’s top straight jacket representative Zoran Zaev in Sofia.

Borisov noted that Macedonia has reached internal and political stability and it has historical chance to make its citizens feel better.

The road to EU and NATO goes through internal political stability. I respect the people who keep their word, Borisov said, explaining that on the night of 27 April during the riots in the Macedonian Parliament, I spoke to Zaev by phone and told him that if he becomes prime minister, he will visit Sofia first and now this is being realized.

Borisov also underlined that it is very important two countries to have infrastructure connection. He promised to work with Greece on resolving all open issues. We will do everything possible to work with friendly Greece to resolve all problems together, because destabilization of Macedonia means destabilization of our borders, Borisov stressed.

With mental patient Zaev now representing the country, Borisov said that Macedonia today closes a chapter of nationalism and opens a chapter of common European future.
The history can only bring us closer, not divide us, Zaev noted.

This is the history that is bringing us together:

Here are Bulgarian fascist soldiers posing with the heads cut off from Macedonian partisans

Here Bulgarian soldiers execute civilians in Prilep

To celebrate this wonderful history, Zaev intends to sign a treasonous “good neighborly relations” document in which Macedonia gives up its language and the rights of Macedonians living in Bulgaria.

In Skopje, Zaev and Shekerinska painted the statue of Tsar Samoil, but in Bulgaria, he bowed like a school boy in front of it.

But that’s not all, to complete the treason, Zaev announced Ilinden in Krushevo will be celebrated jointly with a Bulgarian delegation, thus making the Macedonian national holiday a joint national holiday with Bulgaria.

  • Marko

    Mina this is disgusting. You have crossed the line with this fake news. Bulgarians are our brothers. I am officially unsubscribed to your content, shame!

    • jntoronto

      Are you being sarcastic Marko?> if you aren’t then you are either a wannabe Macedonian of tatar origin or just just out to lunch.

      • Billy

        He is a greek guy from Canada who pretends to be Macedonian..

  • Marko

    This is a serb propaganda website. It doesn’t have Macedonia’s best interests at heart. Bulgarians are our brothers.

    • jntoronto

      Simplistically imbecilic. How can Tatars be the brothers of Europeans?

  • V.M.

    My grandpa told me he never fired a gun at German soldiers, they weren’t bothering anyone. But he did kill 6 tatar soldiers. According to him, the tatars and shiptars did all the killings in Macedonia… but not to worry, we got them back…