Russia recaptures “lost” territories, Kiev sacrificed 1000s of soldiers in vain


The Russian forces recapture all the territories briefly won by the Ukrainians during the “counter-offensive”, giving the gratuitous shot to the strategy drawn up by those responsible for the destruction, V. Zelensky and V. Zaluzny.

It is a given that in Ukraine the discussion about responsibilities will begin. We remind you that the Americans several times asked Kiev to stop the counterattack in Bakhmut, seeing that it was pure suicide.

The Ukrainians had sacrificed at least two Brigades in the area to take 2-3 settlements which due to lack of resources and means they knew in advance that they would not be able to hold.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the successful offensive actions of the Russian Armed Forces in this direction was the complication of the operational situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Avdiivka. The Ukrainian command had to urgently transfer some units from Bakhmut, which weakened the local garrison. As a result the Russian steamrolled the remaining Ukrainian units.

What is happening presently is that it shows Ukraine is running out of both soldiers and ammunition.

Russian military correspondents report that in the direction of Bakhmut Russian troops have significantly increased the pressure on Ukrainian positions in the sector from Soledar to Kurdyumovka.

On this part of the front, hundreds of artillery shells are being fired at the Kiev forces as assault teams and armored vehicles advance towards the settlement.

According to information, units of the Russian army entered the settlement of Klishifka, located on one of the strategic heights. Fierce battles take place in the village.

Last night, Russian units cleared a large area and consolidated their positions in the area of ​​the settlement.

The fighting in the Klisifka region is fierce. On the map, the Armed Forces of Russia are indicated in red and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in blue.

The Ukrainian General Staff has admitted the Russian attacks on Klysifka but is hiding the entry of Russian armed forces into the settlement.

In Bakhmut, as reported by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russian troops attacked Ukrainian positions in the Bogdanovka, Khromovoy, Ivanovsky, Klysifka and Andreevka districts.

According to the available data, the Russian forces are fighting for the dominant hill located west of the settlement. Any loss of it for Kiev will also mean the retreat of the remaining Ukrainian forces.