Was Pentagon Boss Lloyd Austin killed in Ukraine?


There are rumors swirling for nearly three weeks that Pentagon boss Lloyd Austin was killed during a visit to Ukraine while attending a meeting with high ranking Ukrainian and NATO officers.

A Russian precision strike had targeted the gathering and carried it out successfully. Were the Russians aware Lloyd Austin would attend?

We started paying attention to the rumors (mostly on Instagram), certainly not in the media, once the Pentagon boss ‘disappeared’ from the radar for over 10 days. Imagine being in one of the most high profile positions in the US, and then be gone for 10 days, no one knows where you are, not even your cabinet, secretary, coworkers, nobody… Suddenly, we find Lloyd Austin is in the hospital, allegedly he had cancer, he had a surgery, it didn’t go well, so he was back at the hospital, then silence once again.

Allegedly, Lloyd Austin is now better, has been released from the hospital and is working ‘remotely’ from home. Of course, no one has seen him for weeks, he has not joined any news show remotely to discuss things as he did pretty much daily for several years.

This entire thing is very strange…